Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install my grass as soon as I receive it?

Although you may be keen to get your grass down immediately, it’s best to wait 24 hours after unrolling your grass before beginning installation. This allows it to expand to its normal size after it’s been tightly packed during shipping.

My grass is starting to lift in the middle or around the joining edges. How can I fix it?

Make sure that you’ve given your grass 24 hours to rest before installation. Without this time, the grass can become uneven.

If there’s lifting around the adjoining pieces, simply rejoin them to keep them flush.

How can I keep my artificial grass clean?

Maintain your grass regularly by picking up any leaves or debris that may fall on your lawn as soon as you can.

If you’re looking to give your grass a deeper clean, you can use warm water or artificial grass cleaner.

You can also use a power brush or vacuum cleaner for regular maintenance of your grass.

How can I stop my grass becoming waterlogged?

Our grass is punched with holes every 10cm, so the water will be able to drain with ease.

My grass has been flattened by heavy furniture. Can I fix it?

We don’t recommend placing heavy furniture on your artificial grass as it can damage the surface of your lawn. Artificial grass can be brushed to try to bring its bounce back, however some damage may be irreversible.

How can I avoid bald spots on my grass?

Make sure to fit the pieces of grass close together, with around a 6-8mm gap, otherwise you may be able to see gaps between the joins and an obvious line where there’s no grass.

However, it’s important to note that laying multiple pieces of grass too close together can result in them sitting at an uneven height and make your lawn look unnatural.

What can I do to prevent damage to my grass?

It’s important to keep the following things in mind to reduce the risk of damaging your grass:

Artificial grass shouldn’t be placed in areas where the ambient temperature is too high, for example, areas with lots of reflective surfaces like glass.

Avoid leaving heavy items on your grass or piling items atop it.

Don’t run motor vehicles over your grass.

Some footwear is not appropriate for artificial grass, like stilettos. You should also avoid doing sports such as javelin, discus and shotput on your lawn.

Don’t use chemical cleaning agents, herbicides, pesticides or solvents on your grass and keep corrosive substances away from it.

Can weeds grow underneath my lawn? If so, how can I remove them?

Weeds can grow anywhere there’s moisture, so it’s possible they’ll grow under your lawn. The good news is this is a simple issue to prevent and fix! We recommend using a weedkiller on the foundation before the installation. But if any pesky weeds do pop up, they may come out through the drainage holes, in which case you can just pull them out.